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SNAPSIM™ is a unique new generation solution in the corporate training market based on the principles of microlearning, spaced learning and post-training control. Our platform is flexible enough to cover any need of HR professionals and has everything needed to implement a rapid learning, support coaching or evaluate effectiveness of learning and development. It also provides detailed analytics on your HiPos’ (High Potential Employees) development process. SNAPSIM™ is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution so it can be used 24/7 anytime anywhere.

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Eight essential working modules and three modules for reporting make the learning process, as well as processes of coaching support and evaluation of L&D function fully automated.


The modules are bundled into four solutions that allow to finetune the platform to meet the requirements of HR managers and L&D professionals.


SNAPSIM™ generates more than forty current and analytical reports on employees, line managers and top managers.

Modern technology can greatly increase effectiveness and efficiency of HR function through analytics. To take advantage of this opportunity, HR professionals needto change their attitudes and enhance their skills. HR leaders need to learn how to collect massive amounts of data and get insights from it to make new discoveries supporting business decisions– that’s what HR analytics is all about.

KPMG report “The Future Of People Analytics

SNAPSIM™ Platform: Four Stages of HR Digitalisation

No need to use the most powerful of our solutions. You can start with SNAPSIM™ Learner that is based on research-proven methodology and will quickly deliver measurable results in training your employees and then engage your line and branch managers. That’s the convenience and power of cloud HR solutions: they don’t require implementation or administration, you pay per user.

SNAPSIM™ Learner

SNAPSIM™ Learner

SNAPSIM™ Learner comes with a guarantee of knowledge retention of 80% while only taking 15 minutes of employees’ time daily. This solution is ideal when there is a need for a rapid learning on product/process, operational safety, compliance or onboarding areas. SNAPSIM™ Learner doesn’t require implementation, administration, setting up or downloading anything. Learners can access it anytime, anywhere from any device.

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SNAPSIM™ Coach has all features of SNAPSIM™ Learner PLUS features supporting on the job coaching. SNAPSIM™ Coach offers users initial and final self-assessments then compares them with assessments of their managers. SNAPSIM™ then analyses differences (gaps) in self-assessments and managerial assessments. This solution is ideal when there is a need to make sure that employees apply what they’ve learned.

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People in the Finance Function measure income, costs and profit. Sales Department always has the most recent data on sales volume, pricing and accounts receivable. Manufacturing Department collects data to calculate cost price, inventory and accounts payable. But what HR managers measure when they need to evaluate the effectiveness of training? Well.. Nothing. This has to change. SNAPSIM™ T&D Information System helps to make Learning and Development measurable and transparent. It collects and process data of how users learn and apply knowledge on their workspaces and presents them in a meaningful form to help make managerial decisions.

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SNAPSIM™ Leader’s comprehensive programme structure bundled with scientifically proven microlearning approach allows continuous development of managerial competencies for your employees and managers. Each following stage builds upon the knowledge and skills gained on the previous one, which allow a seamless knowledge transfer and practice. Your employees get everything to be successful on the job.

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Core Modules and Reports in SNAPSIM™ Platform

SNAPSIM™ has 8 essential and 3 reporting modules. These modules are grouped into four solutions to meet specific needs of HR professionals. SNAPSIM™ T&D Information System generates more than 40 reports on the learning and development process. Learn more arrow_forward

General Analysis of L&D Function Effectivenessarrow_forward

  • Individual Employee Level

  • Line Manager Level

  • Department Manager Level

Advanced Analysis of L&D Function Effectivenessarrow_forward

  • Individual Employee Level

  • Line Manager Level

  • Department Manager Level

Competencies Increase Analysis arrow_forward

  • Groups of Competencies

  • Competencies

  • Skills

L&D Effectiveness Evaluation arrow_forward

  • Compared to KPIs

  • Compared to Training Costs

  • Compared to Profit

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