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More than 20 years we work in the management consulting and executive education market. We distilled our experience, passion and expertise into SNAPSIM™ – automated system for development of managerial skills.

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Our History

15+ years in corporate learning and development.

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2019. First pilot projects

The first companies start to roll out pilot projects demoing SNAPSIM™. You can form your own opinion about our system, filling the short form.

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2018. Crystal Valley Tech

Our company joins Crystal Valley Tech a community of technology companies in the South-East of Ireland, whose mission is to influence the development of the national and regional investment in infrastructure, education, training and economic support.

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2017-2018. SNAPSIM™ system in development

We develop and test SNAPSIM™ system. Our client panel will be offered access to full-feature solution in March 2019.

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2016. Enterprise Ireland Investment

We raise seed round investment from Competitive Strat Up Fund and get invaluable assistance from Enterprise Ireland - government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.

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2015. Head office moves to Ireland

We win business plan competition and get High Potential Start Up status. Our main office moves to Ireland.

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2013. First Operator simulation

Rail Freight Transportation Simulation software is a close-to-reality simulation of real actions train dispatchers take to manage the cargo freights on several train stations. Train dispatchers is one of the main categories of Joint Stock Company Freight One (Freight One), the leading freight railway operator in Russia. This simulation is used for developing vital professional skills, and what is more important, gives a clear picture of how actions taken by a dispatcher contribute to bottom line of the business unit and the whole company.

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2012. Sophisticated adaptive communication simulation

Communication simulation for a household name company in FMCG. "Performance Development Process (PDP)" uses advanced design elements to immerse learners and emulate the appraisal process. Project summary.

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2011. First training in virtual 3D environment

We develop a learning experience called "The special agent on mission" – training in virtual environment that helps all office workers get hands-on experience on mitigating IT security risks. We find out, that there is demand in the market for engaging and meaningful content in the form of serious games, simulation and quality e-learning. Project summary.

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2010. E-learning and serious games company

We constantly seek new ways to increase the user’s engagement and effectiveness of learning experiences we create. We develop one of the first serious learning games in the corporate market: "Find your way to a client". Project summary.

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2009. Large companies, millions of users

We work with very large companies and develop custom courses on anti-money laundering, sales and marketing. We are still proud of these projects – you can have a look at them here. Project summary.

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2008. Video-courses for airport training

We also prepared the first course in industry-leading series for airport training. Project summary.

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2008. First off-the shelf product

First off-the-shelf e-learning course launched. More than 3 hours of animations and interactions were developed to make an anti-money laundering (AML) training for employees in banking sector more engaging and effective. Project summary.

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2007. E-learning as our focus

We are approached to develop "electronic lesson" for Sberbank, the third-largest bank in Europe. We see the potential in e-learning – it is a medium that enables access to high-quality leaning experiences for large workforce. Since then, we gradually decrease amount of our face-to-face trainings and gain competency in developing e-learning courses.

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2006. Sophisticated consultancy projects

We develop both our consultancy and executive education practice. Consultancy projects varies – from budgeting to statistical process control methods of manufacturing, lean production, balanced scorecards. We also develop our client base in executive training and develop custom learning programs for high-potential employees of multinational companies.

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2005. Leaders in executive education

Our clients often require us to combine consultancy projects with learning interventions to make changes we make stick longer. We become leaders in executive education in our region.

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2004. Company founded

Our company was started with a simple mission – to make the best management practice affordable for growing medium-sized companies. We developed learning programs on financial management, strategic planning, marketing and operations management.

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2003. International Finance Corporation (IFC) Development Project

After the founders spent 10+ years gaining valuable experience working in the trenches in various roles, they were invited to work as experts for International Finance Corporation (IFC), investment arm of World Bank. We designed and hold more than 64 seminars and workshops for more than 3000 participants from 200 companies. The founders also begin to experiment with different forms of learning experiences (simulations, business games) to engage participants and to make learning more effective.

Client’s Success

Our success depends on the success of our clients. We understand it and try to offer you better value, year by year.

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