Module: Reports

Reports Module shows current reports on employees and line managers as well as main HR analytics dashboards.

This module contains: 1) Current reports on employees block, 2) Current reports on managers block, 3) Main reports block.

Current reports on employees block available in all SNAPSIM™ editions (Learner, Coach, T&DIS, Leader).

Current reports on managers block is available in SNAPSIM™ Coach, SNAPSIM™ T&DIS, SNAPSIM™ Leader.

Essential Reports block is available in SNAPSIM™ T&DIS и SNAPSIM™ Leader.

Module: Reports

All reports in SNAPSIM™ are divided into current reports and report forms. Current reports on each user are based on aggregated data on the user’s activity in the learning process. Report forms are based on current reports and are aggregated on specific users as well as line managers, branches and departments.

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