Module: Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks area contains widgets for learning tasks assigned to the learner. They prompt the user on the tasks he/she has to take and visualise the progress in learning.

МThis module has the following widgets: 1) “Get knowledge”, 2) “Check understanding”, 3)“Refresh knowledge”, 4) “Check in practice”.

Daily Tasks Module is available in all SNAPSIM™ editions (Learner, Coach, T&DIS, Leader).

Module: Daily Tasks

All the user has to do is to log in into the system daily and to complete learning tasks assigned to him/her. Users need about 5 minutes to learn new material, another 5 minutes – to answer questions to what was learned previously, and 5 minutes to answer questions to the freshly absorbed learning material. Four widgets in the Daily Tasks module guide the user to the task completion and track the progress.

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