Supports coaching on all levels of your organisation

Engage Line Managers

SNAPSIM™ Coach adds features supporting organisation-wide coaching to SNAPSIM™ Learner functionality. Each learning module offers starting and final self-assessments and assessments of their managers.. The system also analyses the difference between self-assessments and managerial assessments. This solution is ideal, when HR professionals and top managers want to ensure gained knowledge and skills (for example skill of delegation) are applied on the jobs. This system also helps to get insights on manager employee relationships in your organisation..

Проведение оценки

Assessment Schedule

As soon as an employee completes a self-assessment, the system sends a remainder to his/her line manager. The manager spends 5-7 minutes to complete the assessment for each of her direct reports. The difference of opinions in various areas of assessment makes a good starting point for any manager-employee conversation.

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Вывление зон внимания

Identifying Zones of Attention

The platform compares data on assessment and self-assessment and identifies possible conflict points (when the employee self-evaluation score is higher than that of the manager) or points of growth (when self-assessment score is lower).

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Рейтинг по результатам оценки

Assessment Ratings

SNAPSIM™ collects and analyses data and then assigns ratings to users. Ratings are based on the number of assessment gaps. More gaps in assessments and self-assessments means more work for HR managers as these gaps signal current and future problems.

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Текущие отчеты по менеджерам

Current Reports on Managers

SNAPSIM™ Coach forms current reports on managers identifying the ones of them who are better in supporting knowledge transfer on the job. Similar reports are developed automatically for employees in senior managerial roles.

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Essential SNAPSIM™ Modules

Essential modules in SNAPSIM™ Coach include tools for support and control of coaching company-wide.

Effective Support of Employee Development Process

SNAPSIM™ Coach makes employee development and evaluation continuous and embedded into working process.

Saving Managerial Time

Managers don’t waste time trying to figure out areas their direct reports need improvement – the platform provides them with all data needed.

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Assessment Reminders

Managers don’t need to remember when they need to perform assessments – the platform will send them reminders.

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