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Companies invest in development of managerial and leadership skills to increase competitive advantages and ensure business growth. This often happens unsystematically, while HR managers follow the latest request of the business units and work as intermediary between business functions and training providers. SNAPSIM™ Leader offers the complete solution that helps to develop managerial and leadership competencies step-by-step. The skills and competencies gained at each new level is built upon those on the previous learning results. SNAPSIM™ Leader has the following advantages:

Рост результативности

Increased Efficiency

Productivity is increased as a result of improved skills and increased competency levels. Managers are encouraged to support increased productivity as the system tracks aggregated results of line and branch managers.

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Удержание лучших

Retain Best Employees

Employees aim to get a professional certificate your company issues. It takes more than 4 years to get this professional certification for all levels. This can be an additional factor for your best people to stat with your organisation.

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Ключи к успеху

Key to Success

Identify the most suitable candidates among your employees and train them to use the proven tools and techniques in management – this is the golden key to success for every company, regardless its size. All you need to do to get this key is to contact us!

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Turn-Key Professional Qualification
on Management and Leadership for Your Organisation

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Continuous Employee Development

SNAPSIM™ Leader Qualification has a hierarchical structure of competency levels – from Team Leader to Top Manager.

It allows to develop target competencies needed to succeed on every level.

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"Excellent content, effective methodology, impressive results!"
- HR Director of a large manufacturing company


Selective learning without a managerial review


Selective learning with a managerial review

Certified Learning Path

Full learning on one qualification level


Full learning on all qualification levels

SNAPSIM™ Qualification can be obtained in one of the 4 forms. They differ in time to complete and volume of learning material.

Learning programme

SNAPSIM™ Learner has all learning material your employees need to get the knowledge and skills to be successful in their managerial jobs.

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Learning content for a year-long programme in SNAPSIM™ Leader on the Team Leader Level equals 5,5 weeks of face-to-face training. The system is designed for users to spend 15-20 minutes each working days (weekends are excluded).

Three Managerial Myths on L&D

Adopting a new learning system can be a difficult decision, especially if your organisation already has one. Even if you are truly committed to make a learning process measurable and transparent, managers can be hard to persuade. Managers are human and human have their own stereotypes. In the context of organisational learning and development, there are the top three myths that managers incorrectly believe:

SNAPSIM™ Learner vs. Traditional Learning Approach

ПHere is a quick comparison between two approaches in corporate learning – SNAPSIM™ Leader and traditional approach in training most companies use today.

Traditional Approach

Традиционный подход

No clear indicators to link learning experiences with expected results.

One-size-fits-all learning programs, individual differences not considered.

E-learning is just a “digitized” version of traditional learning methods.

Success in learning is measured in “quantitative” terms – number of courses and tests taken, tests results.

SNAPSIM™ Leader Approach

Подход SNAPSIM™ Leader

Clear learning objectives based on identified gaps in knowledge and skills.

Individual learning path for every user, based on competencies gaps.

Learning is based on cognitive science - on how human brain processes information.

Success in learning is measured in quality terms – measurable progress in skills and competencies development.

Learning & Development Done Right

Our algorithm is designed to follow first three levels of Bloom’s taxonomy – learn, understand, apply. While learning with SNAPSIM™ Leader, employees move to the next learning unit only after they prove they remember what was learned previously, understand it and can apply on the job.

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