SNAPSIM™ Learner

Corporate Learning Redesigned

Measurable and Effective Learning

SNAPSIM™ Learner is a new generation , learning platform based on principles of microlearning spaced learning and post-training control. This solution guarantees knowledge retention of 80% while only taking 15 minutes of employees’ time daily. This solution is ideal when there is a need for a rapid learning in product/process, operational safety, compliance or onboarding areas. SNAPSIM™ Learner doesn’t require вimplementation, administration, setting up or downloading anything. Learners can access it anytime, anywhere from any device.

Определение целей

Setting Learning Goals

Rapid learning often doesn’t require finetuning a competency profile. All HR professionals need to do is to train their employees and ensure that learners meet certain requirements on knowledge retention. But you have to customise the competency profile if you need to track progress and learning results. In this case, finetuning the competency profile means that you set learning goals in the form of competency increases.

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Организация обучения

Optimised Learning Schedule

Our system has an optimised calendar plan. Learning material is scheduled over a training period. The schedule is re-calculated each time after an employee completes (of fails to complete) a learning task.

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Проведение обучения

Simple Learning Routine

Everything learners should do is to log into the system daily and complete learning tasks via widgets. Out of 15 minutes learners dedicate daily to learning, 5 minutes they learn new material, 5 minutes to answer questions to test knowledge just acquired and 5 minutes they answer questions to learning material acquired previously.

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Оценка прогресса

Progress Evaluation

Learners can see detailed statistics on the following: 1) learning progress, 2) sets of competencies development, 3) skills development, 4) development of specific competencies, 5) potential evaluation by components (learning agility, ambition, perseverance).

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Текущие отчеты по пользователям

Current Reports on Users

Current statistical data on every user is processed and presented in the HR-manager’s dashboard.

HR system also has learning achievement ratings.

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Essential SNAPSIM™ Modules

Main modules in SNAPSIM™ Learner have everything HR professionals need to conduct corporate training and track progress in skills and competencies.

Unique Features

SNAPSIM™ Learner offers unique features to make learning in your organisation measurable and effective.

No Implementation, No Administration

Get login data and start to use the platform immediately.Pay per user, scale up and down easily.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Easy access to our platform worldwide.

Modern Learning Methodologies

Until recently, most companies didn’t consider research on how human brain worksin their learning and development process and they develop their employees not in the most efficient way. SNAPSIM™ Learner design was based on microlearning and spaced learning principles proven to provide learning approach more effective to long-term memory. This approach also helps to identify high potential employees.

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