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People in the Finance function measure income, costs and profit. Sales Department always has the most recent data on sales volume, pricing and accounts receivable, Manufacturing Department collects data to calculate cost price, inventory and accounts payable But what HR managers measure when they need to evaluate the effectiveness of training? Well... Nothing.

This has to change. SNAPSIM™ T&D Information System helps to make Training and Development measurable and transparent. It collects and process statistical data , of how users learn and apply knowledge on their workspaces and presents them in a meaningful form to help make managerial decisions.

General Analysis of T&D Effectiveness arrow_forward

  • Individual Employee Level

  • Line Manager Level

  • Department Level

Advanced Analysis of T&D Effectiveness arrow_forward

  • Individual Employee Level

  • Line Manager Level

  • Department Level

Analysis of Competencies Development arrow_forward

  • Groups of Competencies

  • Competencies

  • Skills

T&D Process Effectiveness Evaluation arrow_forward

  • Compared to KPIs

  • Compared to Training Costs

  • Compared to Profit

Last year, U.S. companies spent roughly $90 billion on learning and development efforts, a sum higher than the gross domestic product of 130 countries. This is a staggering sum, especially when you consider that most of that money and time is wasted... The problem is that there is often no measure of what’s learned or what behaviours change as a result of such massive investments.

Laszlo Bock ex-SVP of People Operations, Google, Inc.

Expertise in Finance

SNAPSIM™ T&D Information System was developed with the help of professional financial managers, who managed financial departments of large companies. You can rely on their expertise and join HR managers who already use statistical data to make and support their decisions and recommendations.

Экспертиза профессиональных финансистов

Sample Questions SNAPSIM™ T&DIS Can Answer

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  • How to identify 10% of High Potential Employees who can become future leaders of your company?

  • How to identify highly productive employees who with a probability of 60% would leave the company in the next 6 months?

  • Managers of what company units have the most/least productive culture?

  • How to ensure that learning goals support productivity growth?

  • How to justify costs on T&D based on statistical data?

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Factors & Metrics

The platform calculates and analyses factors of understanding and application. . Understanding factor can be used to measure learnability. Application factor demonstrates how successful is an employee in applying of what was learned on the job. These metrics help to identify employees who can be considered as high potentials.

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Points of Conflict and Points of Growth

In-depth analysis of points of conflicts and points of growth helps to estimate the probability that employees who have strained relationships with their managers will leave the company or identify other situations which need an intervention of the HR professional.

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Competencies and Skills

The goal of any learning process is developing skills and competencies of employees that will enable to reach company goals. SNAPSIM™ tracks progress in competencies and skills that enables to measure effectiveness of learning in corporate environment.

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SNAPSIM™ T&DIS compares measured progress in developing competencies and skills with data on 1) effectiveness, 2) costs and 3) profit.

This analysis can be carried on 1)employees, 2) line managers, 3) unit managers and 4) branch managers.

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Pythagoras once said that “number rules the universe”. In business, only measurable is manageable or according to W. Edwards Deming, “without data you're just a person with an opinion.” . HR managers should be able to unleash the power of statistical data to operate effectively.

Support of Decision Making and Effectiveness of L&D

SNAPSIM™ T&D Information System tracks and collects most relevant user activities and makes analysis on learning effectiveness, coaching and possible problem zones. It also calculates and measures competencies increase , rates and ratings as well as effectiveness of L&D process..The output results are compared with performance and financial indicators to prepare recommendations.

Поддержка процесса принятия решений

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SNAPSIM™ T&D Information System can be used to measure not only effectiveness of training modules loaded into the system directly, but also effectiveness of L&D process, including workshops, seminars and other learning programmes. Therefore, CFOs love SNAPSIM™ - this system makes clear how training costs are transformed into business results.

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To be relevant in modern digital environment HR professionals should have a new set of skills.. SNAPSIM™ is unique as it gives HR managers tools to collect and analyse statistical data in the Learning and Development Process. This allows to transform HR functions and make it relevant, making it truly digital and helps HR professionals to add more value to their organisations.

HR Professionals in Digital Environment

HR Managers
Implementation of regular HR processes
Digital HR
Assessment Professionals
Implementation and support of 360 reviews working on recruitment questionnaires
Big data analysis based on digital profiles of employees +
HR metrics and analysis of recruitment and L&D processes
Learning & Development Professionals
Training material preparation
Focus on enablement to help employees to develop their competencies
Career maps for various groups of employees

Essential SNAPSIM™ Modules

SNAPSIM™ T&DIS has every module in SNAPSIM™ Learner и SNAPSIM™ Coach and Essential Reports Module.

Advantages of Our Solutions

No implementation costs

No need to calculate and approve implementation budget – there is no implementation.

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No technical support costs

Your company pays to get access to our system – technical support is included in the price.

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Do you need to take a pause in learning? Just turn it off until next time you need it.

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Anytime, anywhere

All your employees need to start using the platform is access to Internet. It’s that simple.

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The platform works well with 100 or 10 000 employees, cost per employee is the same.

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If you need to connect our platform with another system your company use – just let us know.

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