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All fifteen years we were in the corporate training business, we’ve had one question that bothered us: "Why don’t HR professionals measure anything meaningful in training and development?". Perhaps it was just our professional deformation – both founders of SNAPSIM had vast experience in Finance function before working in consulting and executive development. Failed in finding solution that would make L&D measurable, we decided to build our own.

SNAPSIM™ is unique and doesn’t have much in common with other solutions in the market. This uniqueness has its purpose – it allows to make a black box of employee development transparent and truly measurable. Our clients can justify every penny of training and development budgets.

Unique Solution

SNAPSIM™ is the one and only solution on the market that has built-in analytics reporting on how development of employees’ competencies impacts business results of the company. Corporate training becomes a clear measurable process. Our solution helps T&D and HR professionals set budgets with clear outcomes and speak the language of business (metrics), not telling stories ending with “what if we don’t train them and they stay?”.

Unique Methodology

We are the only solution on the market that guarantees that employees understand no less than 80% of what was learned. To get this result, we use spaced learning and unique algorithms of building individualised learning paths.

All other companies can’t promise this. According to research just after a week of a learning event (face-to-face training, taking eLearning module) all employees remember just 10% of what was learned.

We can say, that 90% of the training budget of your company is wasted. You may feel that your results are different, but you can’t confirm and disprove it without data?

Unique Professional Experience

We work in the corporate consulting and L&D market more than 15 years – since 2003. SNAPSIM™ is our professional experience and expert knowledge distilled in the form of a software system. All these years in business, our success depends on the success of our clients.

SNAPSIM™ is designed for HR and L&D professionals who aim to add more value for their organisations and help them to be more successful.

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