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Scalable microlearning cohort-based management development programmes + unique HR analytics in MS Power BI


SNAPSIM™ Leader is the online learning platform for the development of managerial and leadership skills for managers, HR professionals and high-potential employees. Learning experiences in SNAPSIM™ Leader are: consistent, linked to performance and measurable. Leadership development is based on industry standards and scientifically proven ways of improving performance. Leadership development done right!


Our learning programmes are based on the leading competencies frameworks. For learning delivery we use microlearning and spaced learning methodologies.


Effective learning in organisations in impossible without the support of line managers. Our system offers tools to evaluate how knowledge and skills are used on the job.


Our methodology helps to understand how the learning impacts behaviours. Increase in competencies can be linked to individual KPI / OKR and financial results.

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Management training for modern teams

SNAPSIM™ helps companies thrive by providing modern leadership development combined with powerful Our methodology is designed to support the high level of residual knowledge and allows to spend only 15-20 minutes on learning, which makes it especially suitable for corporate environment.


Human Capital Leverage

Human Capital Leverage =

1pp/ +25% / +65%

Researchers from Stanford, London School of Economics and McKinsey analysed more than 4,000 manufacturing companies in Europe, the US and Asia discovered that the easiest way to dramatically improve performance is to adopt best management practices, not to attract more funding and or hire more employees. not to attract more funding and or hire more employees.

Leadership development is the most powerful performance improvement tool. A one-point improvement in your company’s management practices worth as much as a 25% increase in your labor force, or a 65% increase in the amount of your invested capital.

However, to make this impact visible, your organisation needs L&D analytics.

Increase in competencies

Power BI HR Analytics

SNAPSIM™ L&D Analytics is the off-the-shelf solution that helps HR professionals make data-driven strategic decisions based on Microsoft Power BI. 


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L&D Reports and Analytics

The Essential Guide to Social and Human Capital Accounting was developed by A4S CFO Leadership Network to help companies prepare integrated reports, including reporting on Social and Human Capital. The Matrix  allows to show the measurable impact of L&D activities of your HR Team. The analytics in our system can be used for reporting on Social and Human Capital.

Our platform offers 14 reports and 100+ visualisations for L&D function and allows to present metrics of L&D process outputs and impact. It allows any HR/People team to demonstrate impact of their activities on business results and their contribution to ESG.

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I like the structure of learning experiences. Finished many courses and I'm very fond of the new learning form you offer.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn! The form of learning is both useful and a bit unusual.

Cool learning experience! it is really good that it takes a bit of time to learn something new during my workday. Very convenient!

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