Engagement of high potential employees

Commitment and engagement

Engagement and commitment are two perspectives that are very important for retention of high potential employees. More engaged employees are less likely to leave the organisation, more committed employees receives more satisfaction in work. The organisation when investing in high potentials tries to tie them to their work.

Research shows that engagement and commitment of talent are not caused by the formal or informal status of high potential employees. But high potentials with informal status twice as much are ready to leave the company and often more actively seek new opportunities. So transparency pays off as organisation with more robust and open process retain more valuable talent.

How to increase commitment and engagement

Methods organisations increase commitment and engagement are quite traditional:

  • development opportunities in the form of training and challenging assignments,
  • incentives and rewards,
  • non-developmental opportunties.

Other, more effective methods of increasing commitment and engagement of high potential employees are:

  • career planning,
  • increased authority,
  • detailed feedback and support from the top.
Career planning

Your organisation can increase engagement and commitment of high potentials if it offer clear career path that provide detailed plans of skills, behaviours and timelines required to progress. yearly development plans are not enough.

Increased authority

The high potential employees understand that they receive more responsibilities than other employees and they also require more authority. They want to be in charge and be part of the decision making.

Detailed feedback and support from the top

High potential employees in your organisation expect greater authority and career planning, but more importantly they expect support and feedback from senior managers. In most companies, high potential employees have more developmental assignments that require input from the top, but organisations could do more if they plan their next steps and provide more honest assessments.

It is important to note that line managers play an important part in developing high potential employees. They should have regular meetings with their direct reports and provide actionable feedback. HR managers should contribute to make these meeting more efficient.

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