New role of high potential employees

Leveraging development of high potential employees

High potential is just one group of employees and for company to be effective most of its employees should be developed, not just this group. So when the organisation develops high potentials it can also expect them to have positive impact on other employees. Thus high potentials contribute to making their organisation more successful while leveraging investments in them.

When considering the leverage your high potentials bring to development of other categories of employees the following questions should be answered:

  • What is the role high potential employees play in developing other categories of employees in your organisation?
  • What is done for high potential employees to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others?

Formal status helps

According to research, companies that formally recognise high potential employees can expect that 90% of formally identified high potentials are likely to identify and develop talent compared to 78% of informally identified high potentials. Their not so certain status may result in informally identified high potentials taking a more tentative or short-term approach to developing others.

Many companies are limiting benefits of "cascading development" when they have they high potential employees informally recognised. You organisation should make sure that all high potential should develop other employees.

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