SNAPSIM™: three questions we are glad to answer

HR professionals often ask us three questions: 1) What is so different in your approach, comparing to all other approaches? 2) What are advantages and constrains of SNAPSIM™? 3) How SNAPSIM™ can help in decision making?

Here are the short answers:

1) Our system everything you need out of the box. You can start to develop your employee's leadership skills in minutes after launch, not months!

2) One of the main SNAPSIM™ constrains is that only can be used in developing leadership and managerial skills for managers and high potential employees. On the other hand, it allows learners to gain new knowledge and skills while only spending less than 15 minutes a day. It also nudges line managers to be engaged in the development of their reports.

3) SNAPSIM™ provides 6 groups of analytical data to help make decisions. Please find more information in the video.

SNAPSIM™: three questions we are glad to answer

The Valuing your Talent framework

An organisation’s people are its unique resource. People can learn, develop and grow – they are the only part of a business that can improve itself and they are fundamental to creating value in organisations.

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