In November 2019 we invited LinkedIn users to test their management knowledge. And while research proves that in most companies executives are not satisfied with the level of managerial skills of their reports, it's completely different if we see it ourselves.

Scope of testing

For testing purposes we used the competency matrix, based on 74 National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership (UK). The same matrix is used by Chartered Management Institute (UK).which certifies around 30,000 managers each year.

The competency model combines all leadership knowledge into 4 levels and 6 leadership zones. These six leadership zones are interconnected and mutually dependent. Each competency is described in a separate standard.

The total database for Team Leader Level contains more than 6,000 questions.

The database used included 12% of questions randomly chosen.

All questions were divided into 6 leadership zones and tested 13 managerial competencies. Time to complete tests was 6 hours, but most participants completed them in 2 -2,5 hours.

The testing generally gained positive feedback:

General tests results

The average mark on 306 results is 3 (in the middle).

If the group was inside some company, the main recommendation would be:

Provide learning opportunity to increase the grade up to 4 (good).

It is also beneficial to compare individual employee results with average group results. It helps to identify strong and weak points.

The results can be included into the individual development plans even if the learning experienced are planned in the form of face-to-face trainings or eLearning courses in LMS.

Test results can also be used in:

— identify high-potential employees,

— for benchmarking purposes (on the company, industry or inter-industry levels)

More detailed test results (in Russian)