HR vs. top and line managers: what managers think

Our short article published in LinkedIn about what HR professionals should have done before and during the pandemic triggered a very constructive discussion. We decided to sum up the most interesting opinions.

The objective of this discussion is to find the best solution on how to exist in the "new normal".

In this article we present the opinions of top managers and line managers. The opinions of HR professionals are in the next article.

The main thesis

HR could have tested remote working a while ago - but failed to do so.


Platon Mironov, Head of Project Office

HR is not to blame. Show me HR professionals who work on something more than charities, conflicts or social issues. Even organisation culture is not their area of responsibility. Senior and middle managers were not ready to what happened - that's true.

Ilya Pishchullin, Director for organisational development and change management

As a director for organisational development I see the main problem in companies, where organisational development is a secondary function in the HR department. Compliance and anything that regulated and in the areas of HR responsibilities were set many years ago under control of HR. Organisation development is a bit different and they failed here.

Oleg Kava, Facility management | Process management | Business scaling

Remote working is not a problem in itself, it is relatively easy to do from the technical point of view. But it also requires new structure and new motivation. And that was not done. And HR are not to blame. That's the problem of upper management.

We are more or less agree with Platon Mironov.

Three more points from opinions of other senior managers:

1.Pandemics is something hard to prepare for. It is low risk / high impact event nobody expects.

2. Some companies like Siemens and Luxoft have less amount of office area per employee as many are already working remotely or work non-standard hours.That's something worth considering and copying.

3. HR should be more proactive and more risk managers. It will pay off for them.

The next article is a compendium of opinions of HR professionals: HR vs. top and line managers: what HR think

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