HR vs. top and line managers: what HR think

This article is based on the discussion in LinkedIn about whether HR professionals should have been prepared to move everybody to remote working in pandemics. Many managers think that this "unpreparedness" is not HR fault and they are to blame as well.

Most people just liked the post, while not commenting it.

Let's se what HR professionals have to say:

Vlad Gribenko, HRD

Remote working and digitalisation are cross-functional strategic tasks. Someone who is responsible for such projects should have deep understanding of all business processes, IT technologies, people management, project management, strategy controlling, etc. HRD seem to be the right candidate.

HRD should have authority and his/her voice should be heard and opinions respected by other senior managers. Often it doesn't happen.

Natalia Alieva,CHRO

Many owners and senior managers don't want a fully functional HR Department.

Sometimes other top managers "know better" in areas traditionally considered as the responsibility of HR: organisational development, compensations, etc. However, if something goes wrong, they are not to blame.

The "ideal" HR that every company wants:

  • is in business, not just "supporting" business,
  • works strategically, not just implements something already decided,
  • competencies are far beyond HR function itself.

The most relevant angle - in our opinion - was offered by Vlad Gribenko:

Strategic changes should be synced with the opinions of shareholders and other stakeholders. They can be very conservative.

So, these were opinions of managers and HR professionals. We drew some conclusions out of this discussion, both intermediate and final.

Intermediate conclusions

The pandemic showed that HR professionals need to work both on strategic and tactical level.

Final conclusion

However, the final conclusion might seem paradoxical, but it has some roots in what was discussed:

In the next few years, more HR Directors would become CEOs.

Why we are sure it would happen, you can read in the next article: HR vs. top and line managers: the dark side

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