Not all reports are created equal, and many impressive-looking dashboards are absolutely useless. Not the one you see below. This is the report on Leadership Potential of learners. HR professionals can find data on drawbacks in recruitment process as well as quantified results on learning of individuals in the particular group.

HR can also use the gained insights while reporting to CFO to explain the outcome of their efforts.

Not surprisingly, we found that this and similar reports help to justify learning budgets for L&D and HR professionals as a CFO sees how the money spent on learning brings measurable outputs.

This report shows the progress made in mastering the learning material and is measured by entry and final tests. Employees of most companies show the progress from Poor/Inadequate to Very Good/Excellent.

It is important to note that this progress report is made when checking residual knowledge – after one month the learning is finished. It is scientifically proven fact that the best results in mastering the learning material are delivered through microlearning and spaced learning.The methodology of micro- and spaced learning combined with the fact that employees only spend 10-15 minutes per day (but almost every day) make this the best way to develop managerial competencies in corporate environment.

Also, in corporate environment, unlike academic sector, knowledge transfer is not the most important metric. Employees should apply what they learned in the workplace, otherwise (even if they know everything) the learning would not impact performance.

It is clear that HR professionals can be heard on the C-level only if they deliver results in learning.

These results should be MEASURABLE and show the clear impact on business performance.

It’s the only way to be heard and to prove impact.

Now, recruitment seems to be the only area of HR profession, where innovation happens. Companies spend huge amount of money on training and sooner or later this area will be fully digitalised and measured. This shift will change requirements for all people professionals. It is better be prepared.