Finance training

We offer not only competence-based training, but also training in finance for your employees. For example, the special programme on financial management includes the following topics: reading main financial statements, financial analysis, managing costs, budgeting, managing investment projects.

The programmes can be offered for small groups of your employees.

Customer voice

The most interesting part is case-based learning

The new information we receive is useful, I really like it. The most interesting part is case-based learning. It's real experience, real situations one can refer to. We discuss it with colleagues, and to frank, we would act differently [than as in correct solutions]. But how we apply it is important, theory is nothing until we put into practice :)
Alexey Tokarev
Head of Marketing
Sales training

Another learning programme is for those who work in sales or customer service. It includes the following: high-quality customer service, solving customer problems, personal sales, managing sales.

The programmes can be offered for small groups of your employees.

How to improve training effectiveness

New methods of learning

Research shows that after 7 days of any learning event (both online or face-to-face) employees remember 10% of what was learned on average. We are the only company in the market to guarantee that after a month after finishing learning in our system employees' knowledge retention would be more than 80%. Other training providers can't guarantee anything. Our unique learning methodology can help your employees to be more productive at work. Please read the articles below to learn more.

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