New reality

For many companies nowadays the most added value is created by employees and HR have to understand how to manage human capital.

In the rapidly changing world HR professionals have to adapt organisational structure, roles, motivation systems and KPIs and grades, new training and development opportunities for employees and do it very quickly.

CIPD Definition

The purpose of HR

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK) define "the fundamental purpose of the people profession is to champion better work and working lives". It means "creating roles, opportunities, organisations and working environments that help get the best out of people, delivering great organisational outcomes, in turn driving our economies, and making good, fair and inclusive work a societal outcome".

Evaluating added value

The new Profession Map of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) focus on knowledge and behaviours that HR professionals need to create value and impact business results. It shifts focus from traditional HR practices to areas where people professionals can create value.

We have developed our learning programmes with the new CIPD Profession Map in mind.

Customer voice

Learning at your pace

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HR competencies requirements

The biggest change in HR competencies of CIPD are in Core Knowledge (in the previous model they were called Core Professional Areas).

There are six key knowledge areas where HR professionals create value and generate positive impact:

  1. People practice.
  2. Culture and behaviour.
  3. Business acumen.
  4. Analytics and creating value.
  5. Digital working.
  6. Change

Change management is hard

Standards vs. practices

Professional standards set requirements to knowledge and skills of HR professionals. However it is really important to apply knowledge and skills gained on the job. We gained many insights when discussing with HR professionals the way to best implement change, how to find champions and influencers to do so. Most of this discussion was online and in a series of article below we sum up some of the best advice.

Managing intellectual capital

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Online learning for other categories of employees

High-Potential Employees
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