Learning for managers
Leadership development - both face-to-face and online - has some distinctive characteristics. If they are not taken into account, the project may fail. First of all, managers are more experienced than other categories of employees.
Management training programmes should be practical. Managers are busy and they should see how new knowledge and skills would help them to be more productive. They also try to avoid comparison - it is better to compare learning performances in groups than individual performances.

Proven methodology

Learning habit for managers

We can prove that most managers become addicted to learning after spending some time learning online in our system. They get used to bite-sized daily learning assignments and want to continue to learn this way after completing their level.

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increase in interest

According to our research, after our form of management training the average level of engagement in the learning process goes up to 40%.

Face-to-face training and projects
Online training ideally should be supported by face-to-face training events and pilot projects.
Management training is only efficient when connected to daily tasks. Ideally, online modules in our system which usually last about three months, should be supported by other learning interventions for managers. These training programmes should be aligned with the managerial tasks. Also, the managers should have the opportunity to work in small teams to apply knowledge and skills they gained in training. It would make the training more practical and also helps to develop the atmosphere of trust among managers.

Customer voice

Learning as incentive

Close to the end of the project it struck me that your learning solution should be offered as incentive. It really enhances personal development, it is paid by the company, thus this should be offered as a reward for those who work hard and demonstrate excellent results.
Natalya Baranova
HR Director
Interim results

Managers value when HR and L&D professionals exceed their expectations in providing excellent training. It is also important to resolve all issues related to technology, work-based projects or content as quickly as possible.

Good practice in management training is to have regular meetings of managers who take learning courses so they can discuss interim results, work on business cases together or share their thoughts and insights.

Change management is hard

Three managerial myths

Even if you are absolutely sure that something should be changed for you as an HR professional to deliver value, its is not easy to persuade managers in it. They can be wrong sometimes. Or experience shows that they sometimes follow false presumptions that can be boiled down to three myths described in articles below.

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