Designing learning for managers is not easy. Managers often require learning to engaging and practical. Other not so obvious requirement should also be considered otherwise the learning intervention would fail.
Management training should have the following to be effective: 1) level-based training, 2) eLearning training delivery should be supported by pilot projects and face-to-face training, 3) regular meetings of learners.

High-Potential Employees

Every organisation needs to identify the employees that should be developed into managerial roles as no organisation has infinite resources to provide training and support for every employee. So the organisation should identify employees that would have "the highest ROI".

It is also important to identify high-potential employees. But what is "potential" and how it should be measured? We offer our proven methodology.

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HR professionals

New CIPD competency model shifts focus from traditional HR practices to areas where people professionals can create value.

We have developed our learning programmes with the new CIPD Profession Map in mind. It is based on the new competency matrix and and the best practices of HR professionals.


We offer learning experiences not only based on professional competency frameworks, but also more traditional programmes based on expert areas: financial management, customer service or sales. These programmes can be offered for individual employees as well as for groups of employees.

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