Daily tasks
In SNAPSIM™ Leader users get daily learning tasks in 'Daily Tasks' widgets. These widgets provide overview of what learning tasks should be completed by the user on the specific day. They also show the progress made in completion these tasks.
Employees log into the system once a day and complete learning tasks - that's all they should do. It takes about 5 minutes to get new information, 5 minutes to answer questions that relate to the new information, another 5 minutes - to answer questions related to what was learned previously.

Customer voice

Effortless learning

I like this form of learning. Learning is effortless, I was able to remember new information easily. Every day I learned just a bit, but after 3 months the large amount of useful knowledge was mastered.
Yulianna Filonenko
HR Manager / Recruiter
Detailed learning analytics

For learning to be effective HR professionals should understand the progress employees make when they learn. Collecting data on daily learning sessions, SNAPSIM™ Leader offers detailed reports on how employees learn, what learning material

Analysing how learners complete daily tasks helps to understand the effectiveness of the corporate learning process.

eLearning done right

Content delivery that boosts learning

Our clients get better results while training their employees because the core algorithm of SNAPSIM™ Leader is based on the scientifically proven methodologies of spaced learning and microlearning.

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of our clients

87% of our clients are very satisfied with the quantity and quality of learning material.

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