Leadership potential

Most companies don't use latest research in brain science in Learning and Development. SNAPSIM™ Leader doesn't was designed based on principles the microlearning and spaced learning. Both of these approaches are scientifically proven to boost long-term knowledge retention.

These methodologies also have the additional advantage: they can be used to predict future performance of employees.

Identifying High-Potential Employees

The proven correlation

 According to Frank L. Schmidt и John Hunter «General Mental Ability in the World of Work: Occupational Attainment and Job Performance», the correlation between general mental ability (GMA) and performance for the manager with 3-6 years of experience is 0,37 and it increases up to 0,59 up when managers gain 12 years of experience.


Scientifically proven correlation between general mental ability (GMA) and performance makes it easy to identify high-potential employees who would be excellent leaders.


Most employees need stimuli to learn something new. Gamification offers achievements to promote required behaviours. It boosts dopamine release and increases engagement and learning results.

SNAPSIM™ Leader uses this scientifically proven approach to learning to increase learning efficiency.

Developed and tested

100+ gamifications elements

For gamification to be effective it should be developed and tested. In SNAPSIM™ Leader gamification model, we use more than 30 leadership boards and more than 100 other gamification elements. It fosters friendly competition among employees and groups of employees.

Other features of SNAPSIM™ Leader

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