Microlearning is a new effective way of learning, especially suitable for busy employees. This approach requires all learning content to be divided into bite-sized learning pieces (in SNAPSIM™ Leader these elements are called snaps). 

Using microlearning helps to avoid problems corporate trainers, coaches and managers - shrinking attention spans of employees, limiting time of training and rapid obsolesce of knowledge.

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Learning in SNAPSIM Leader is the best learning I've experienced in the last several years. I've never seen anything similar (learning every day for a few minutes with various forms of repetition, ratings). In one month after completion when I passed final tests (without any preparation) I was pleasantly impressed by my own results - they exceeded my expectations!
Anastacia Maydikova
HR Manager
Spaced based learning

We are the only company in the market to guarantee that after a month after finishing learning in our system employees' knowledge retention would be more than 80%. Other training providers can't guarantee anything, as research shows that after 7 days of any learning event (both online or face-to-face) employees remember 10% of what was learned on average.

To achieve this, SNAPSIM™ Leader uses spaced repetition learning method. It is just the opposite of rote learning. The algorithm allows employees to repeat the learning material in various forms in periods that enhance the retention of what is learned in the long-term memory - in 1,3 and 7 days.

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In our system some of the employees in one month after the completion of learning correctly answered 91% of questions.

47 %
of answers are correct

Results are verified on the testing base of 1300 unique questions, out of which 57 random questions were drawn..

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