Modern learning

Modern learning doesn't need a special time and place to be effective. Research shows that users appreciate the convenience of being able to learn at their own pace. Also, when learning materials are available 24/7 and compete for user's attention with others applications and activities, feedback and rewards become more important.

Your employees don't need to download to install anything to start learning. All they need is any device connected to the Internet.

Customer voice

Engaging and effective

eLearning is the optimal form of learning nowadays and I think this trend will continue. Snapsim Leader makes learning as engaing and effective as possible.
Kristina Yasinska
HR Manager

To use SNAPSIM™ Leader, your organisation doesn't need to buy or rent its own servers, hire LMS administrators or content creators. All you need to do is log into the system. It allows to start learning process in minutes, not months!

SNAPSIM™ Leader operates as Learning-as-the-service - your organisation can buy subscription just for the time your employees would learn, without the need of capital expenditure or hiring people to support the learning system.

Not just convenience

Access from anywhere in the world

One of the important advantages of a cloud learning solution is that employees have access to it 24/7. It allows to use time for learning that would otherwise be wasted and improve employee knowledge retention and overall productivity.

Other features of SNAPSIM™ Leader

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