National occupational standards matrix

Level: Team leader I Learning duration: 3 months

On the first level your employees learn six learning programmes in leadership and management in each leadership capability: managing self, providing direction, facilitating change, working with people, using resources and achieving results.

National occupational standards matrix

Leadership zone


Learning course

A1. Manage your own resources

A. Managing self and personal skills

A1. Manage your own resources

SM 01. Практика целеполагания

B1. Provide leadership for your team

B. Providing direction

B1. Leading with emotional intelligence

LEAD 01. Практика управления эмоциями

C1. Encourage innovation in your team

C. Facilitating Change

C1. Encourage innovation in your team

CREATE 01. Практика дизайн-мышления

D1. Develop productive working relationships with colleagues

D. Working with people

D1. Effective business communications

COM 01. Практика личного общения

E1. Manage a budget

E. Using Resources

E1. Finance fundamentals

FM 01. Практика чтения финансовых отчетов

F5. Resolve customer service problems

F. Achieving results

F1. Develop a customer-focused organisation

SERV 01. Практика высококачественного клиентского обслуживания