Based on standards and best practice

SNAPSIM™ Learner allows to develop a full set of business and leadership skills.

The curriculum is based on the management and leadership competence framework taken from the National Occupational Standards (UK) for management and leadership. These were developed to cover all management and leadership-related job functions, across any industry, and a number of levels of responsibility and complexity. This framework is approved by employers and industry stakeholders.

Customer voice

High quality of learning content

I also develop training content and I can say I admire the huge amount of efforts put into content development. This work, as well as an effective learning structure and the excellent tutor, ensured the high quality of learning.
Tatyana Pashkina
Author, Expert in HR marketing
Skill requirements

Competency frameworks and professional standards we use contain requirements for knowledge and understanding. They answer the question - which knowledge should be transferred through learning content?

Requirements for knowledge and understanding are practical. They foster certain behaviours that should in turn support employees' performance.

Competency matrix

Proactive approach to learning and development

SNAPSIM™ offers proactive approach to developing managerial competencies. SNAPSIM™ defines profile of an "ideal" manager, compares it with the current situations for each user, than offers individualised learning paths and detailed analytics for each user.

Other features of SNAPSIM™ Leader

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Assessments and Self-Assessments
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Impact Evaluation
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Daily Learning Tasks
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