Базовый уровень. Ступень 4

New Profession Map CIPD

Level: Essentials I Learning period: 3 months

On the fourth level learning courses are based on core competencies, standards include: People practice, Culture and behaviour, Analytics and creating value.

National occupational standards matrix

CIPD New Map


Part of the standard

Learning course

D 4.1 / D 4.2

K 1.7

People practice

To build effective leadership teams

Building teams / Managing teams

D 3.1 / D 3.2

K 2.6

Culture and behaviour

Learning and developing

Organisational learning and development

F 2.1

K 3.1

Business acumen

Products and/or services and customers your organisation


А 1.2

K 3.2

Business acumen

The key business issues

Working role

E 2.1

K 4.3

Analytics and creating value

What critical thinking is

Making decisions

D 1.2

B 2.3

Professional courage and influence

Initiate purposeful conversations with a range of people

Public speaking

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