Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find the answers to the questions our clients, both current and prospective, ask us during meetings and presentations. If you have a question and haven’t found the answer here, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be in touch in less than 24 hours.


Any group of employees which have to develop leadership/management skills. Usually, leadership skills are required by first-line and first-time managers, high-potential employees, HR professionals, other professionals..

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Our learning programme is based on the 74 professional standards of Leadership and Management also known as The National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership, used in training programmes for most public and private companies in the UK and Ireland.

This model of competencies groups all managerial competencies into four levels of management and 6 leadership zones.

4 Levels of Management:

  • Team Leader
  • First-Line Manager
  • Middle Manager
  • Senior Manager

6 Leadership Capabilities

  • A. Managing Self and Personal Skills
  • B. Providing Direction
  • C. Facilitating Change
  • D. Working with People
  • E. Using Resources
  • F. Achieving Results

You can download one of the managerial standards here. (D5. Allocate and check work in your team)As you can see this standard sets requirements for knowledge and behaviours of effective managers. Other similar management standards were used in developing our learning programme.

То есть содержательная часть подготовлена по плану «Knowledge and understanding», а описания поведенческих характеристик по «Behaviours which underpin effective performance».

Now we offer learning experiences for the Team Leader Level. This Level consists of 28 courses, divided into 4 steps. Each step is designed to be learned in three months plus one month is required for post-training control with final tests.

Theoretically, yes. But we praise our platform to offer one of the highest knowledge retention metrics possible and this set certain requirement to learning content: its should be divided into small chunks – snaps with three different questions designed to reinforce knowledge.

So, in short, it is possible but requires additional resources and time.

The learning experience is based on microlearning and spaced learning principles and is 100% online. It saves your organisation time and budget (no need to arrange face-to-face training).

It is also based is based on microlearning and spaced learning principles. Employees spend about 15 minutes daily – answering questions and gaining knowledge on new topics. It ensures very high knowledge transfer and knowledge retention rates.

SNAPSIM™ Leader is cloud-based solution in the form of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). We call it LaaS – Learning-as-a-Service. It means that:

  • Employees can learn at any time convenient to them and on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) 24/7
  • Admin role of the HR/L&D professionals means that they have more reports and aggregated data, no need to provide tech support or administration.

All you need is internet access and relatively modern browser.


Yes! Methodology at the core of SNAPSIM™ Leader allows to measure the impact of all learning programmes (both traditional and eLearning) not just programmes on our platform.

To get the required L&D analytics we need to sync the learning and other experiences on our platform and other learning interventions.

Data for L&D analytics is based on activities of learners in SNAPSIM™ Leader.

However, the platform allows to combine existing learning programmes with learning experience on our platform which allow to get actionable analytics on all learning initiatives in your organisation.

No. Our L&D analytics is based on Microsoft Power BI cloud solution. There are no dependencies on other platforms or software. Your employees can learn from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Yes. SNAPSIM™ Leader has 14 reports with 100+ visualisations. If you need to change reports/visualisations to meet the needs of your organisation stakeholders, we can customise it.

We are happy to discuss any options.

Yes, we can customise L&D analytics reports according to your brandbook i.e logo, colours etc.

Pilot project

Yes, absolutely! We think that a pilot project is an excellent way for your company to minimise risks and gain a clear understanding of possible benefits of full-scale rollout. From experience, here are ideal parameters of such project:

  • Number of employees to develop management/leadership skills: 30-50.
  • Number of line managers to assess progress: 12-20.
  • Minimum amount of learning – 2 steps (3 month of learning + 1 month of post-training control for each step).
  • Webinars or face-to-face events to support online learning experiences (2-3 events).
  • Pilot projects for learners to apply what they learn

Measure the results of learning and impact on human capital.

There are 4 formats of blended learning:

  1. Management and leadership training on SNAPSIM™ Leader platform.
  2. Management and leadership training on SNAPSIM™ Leader platform + SNAPSIM™ L&D Analytics.
  3. Management and leadership training on SNAPSIM™ Leader platform + SNAPSIM™ L&D Analytics + additional training in the form of webinars or face-to-face events.
  4. Management and leadership training on SNAPSIM™ Leader platform + SNAPSIM™ L&D Analytics + additional training in the form of webinars or face-to-face events + pilot projects of participants.

Management and leadership training on SNAPSIM™ Leader platform::

  • Learners (users who have complete daily learning tasks) - €100 user/month.
  • Line managers/coaches (users who assess performance and knowledge and skills transfers of learners) - €60.

We understand that many organisations have already invested in developing their leaders and/or L&D analytics, s- we are happy to customise our solution and integrate it with existing systems/processes.

No, we don’t charge extra for analytics if your organisation trains its employees using our Standard or Premium plans.

You can get a better understanding of our pricing on this page.