Согласно проведенным исследованиям, через неделю после любого обучения сотрудники помнят лишь 10% учебного материала. Чтобы существенно повысить процент понимания и запоминания, а, следовательно, и эффективность учебного процесса, SNAPSIM™ Leader использует методологию микрообучения. Благодаря использованию этого scientifically proven approach to learning.Our users answer up to 91% questions correctly in the final test 4 weeks after completing the course. Learn more about microlearning

Ready Made Content

SNAPSIM™ Learner allows to develop a full set of business and leadership skills.

The learning content is based on professional standards, developed by collaborative efforts of state agencies, employers and experts in various industries.

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Assessments and Self-Assessments

Not only SNAPSIM™ Leader allows you to provide effective learning for your employees, but also to evaluate how knowledge and skills learned are transferred to the job. We use specially designed assessmentsthat enable actionable analytics and insights.

These features support manager-employee coaching based on performance and learning results.

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Impact Evaluation

SNAPSIM™ Leader is the only solution on the market that offers analytical data on how training costs impact business results.

The system compares individual and group data of increases in competencies with financial and business results, then aggregates and visualises the efficiency of the organisational learning.

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Ratings and Gamification

For many employees learning is just another activity they have to do during the busy day. We use elements of gamification that award users for their achievements.It increases dopamine levels and as a consequence helps to boost engagement and satisfaction of employees.

SNAPSIM™ Leader uses this scientifically proven approach to learning to increase learning efficiency.

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Daily Learning Tasks

SNAPSIM™ Leader collects data on daily efforts of learners and produces detailed reports on how employees learn, what efforts they need to take to understand and apply what was learned and whether they need help with this.

Analysing how learners complete daily tasks helps to understand the effectiveness of the corporate learning process.

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Mobile Learning

Modern learning is mobile learning. It doesn't need a special time and place to be effective. Research shows that users appreciate the convenience of mobile learning as they are able to learn at their own pace. Also, when learning materials are available 24/7 and compete for user's attention with others applications and activities, feedback and rewards become more important.

Everything your employees to start learning is a smartphone/tablet/laptop and Internet access.

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