Assessments and Self-Assessments

Engaging managers
SNAPSIM™ Leader supports coaching on the job and offers to opportunity to start manager-employee coaching. The coaching conversations can be started by discussing assessments/self-assessments. The systemalso compares assessments made by managers and employees and offers recommendations and advice on coaching.
Assessments also work to ensure employees apply on the job what they have learned.

The problem with corporate training

Importance of evaluating impact

U.S. companies spend roughly $156 billion on learning and development efforts, a sum higher than the gross domestic product of 130 countries. This is a staggering sum, especially when you consider that most of that money and time is wasted. Training and development programs are not necessarily the problem. The problem is that there is often no measure of what’s learned or what behaviours change as a result of such massive investments.
Lazlo Bock
ex-HR VP and HR Director of Google
Visual reports
SNAPSIM™ Leader aggregates data and compiles visual reports which show how line managers support the process of learning transfer. Similar reports are offered for higher levels of management.

Proven methodology

Support decision making

SNAPSIM™ Learner makes assessment continuous and embedded into workplace. Managers spend less time analysing ares their direct reports require help - the system provides all the information. Also the system reminds managers when they need to make assessments.

Other features of SNAPSIM™ Leader

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